There are no limits...

The cumulative effect of every strategic brand exposure can be of enormous value to every business competing for increased market-share.


Botanico Creative Décor


Canadian Coin & Currency


Canadian PMX


Globe Electric


Phase 3 AV


Super Cool Kids Clothing


Shaw's Supermarket


Stone Tile International


The Bark Zone

We strategically consider every visual exposure for its potential branding impact.

From designing a carryout beverage cup, to creating graphics for a large fleet of trucks, we will seek-out opportunities to project your brand, and then really make them work!

It doesn’t have to be expensive to create an array of high quality and graphically distinctive visual projections of your product, brand, or business presence. Yet too often, some businesses let printers, product suppliers, or media sellers design these at a “make-do” level of effectiveness to save costs. However, what are those savings worth compared to the lost potential for superior business promotion?

The cumulative graphic effect of a successfully integrated brand identity can be of enormous strategic value to your business. With all of the opportunities we can find, invent and design for you, the sky is the limit!

Intellectual Design’s focus is to consolidate your entire range of branding assets and exposures into one very strongly projected graphic identity. There’s no profit for you in being brand-shy when you’re in business to capture your market.