In one super-fast glance, you're either in or you're out!

In creating truly effective marketing collateral, Intellectual Design's approach is intense for: informing the reader, surprising the reader, or whatever it takes in-between!

At Intellectual Design there's no restriction on format or size in creating a successful, marketing collateral. Range of distribution is discretionary, but everything else is fair game. Whether it's a brochure, annual report, flyer, catalogue, direct mail piece, or any other printed communication, every creative method and means for drawing attention and engaging prospects is on the table!

Our essential discipline is to pre-visualize and anticipate this whole communications dynamic in very human terms.  Whether for the public at-large, or directed to a specific target audience we ask what is the graphic impact at first-sight? How does it all "feel"? How strong is the projection of the client's identity and branding? Where's the punch-line... and where's the punch?