You've got to be you and... nobody else!

A logo tells a whole story in just one glance; it gives your business a strategic branding presence wherever it's seen.

The logo design may be simple or artistically elaborate. It may be for a dedicated purpose or a complex product line. Whatever the application, logos are the strategic essence of a branded business identity.

Intellectual Design works with a global awareness of the most successful logo graphics, icons, word forms, and graphic identities. Against these, we focus on creating the distinctively unique for our clients rather than the done-before and done-again. The final logo design is the ultimate culmination of strategic business sense and graphic art.  

A client's new logo is an asset of unquestionable value. It will initiate consumer recognition, offset competition, and bring a real focus to your brand and business identity. 

The logo is fundamental, square-one, business equity like nothing else in public influence. It's total simplicity once it is created, but always intellectually elaborate in getting there. And for you? It's your #1 marketing asset.