Our 3-Step Approach

Intellectual Design's development process for every project is multi-faceted: investigative but also intuitive, analytically objective yet profoundly creative. 

Explore how each step defines our workflow as well as what you can expect when partnering with our Creative Team.



1. identify

Together with you as our respected collaborative partner, we strive to understand your business and its competitive landscape. We pound the pavement, observing, asking, listening, and finally intellectualizing your business's market position as it lives and interacts in the real world.


2. ideology

Leveraging the identified insights from our investigation, we strategize on how your business can communicate its unique attributes and beliefs to evoke emotion and capture its desired audience. We translate these differentiating business characteristics into the ideology that creates your brand’s core persona.


3. idea

Using the ideology as the core foundation, we start envisioning your brand in shape, dimension, colour, image and word. Our Creative Team of experts works hard to bring life to your business's intellectual and emotional attributes, culminating them into a new, visually engaging, and powerfully enduring brand identity.




The Essential Brand Foundation


Now that we have defined the business marketing strategy and created the core brand language together with its visual elements, we are ready to tackle the endless possibilities within the World of Public Influence. Your new brand assets will ensure that all marketing initiatives work cohesively, influencing the public and capturing the desired market share, maximizing your investments now and for many years to come!