The impact of this visual medium is massive. Real stopping power. Instant communication. Posters and billboards... this is the big time.

Pumping out a powerful message over distance and affecting masses of prospects, it's a medium to be respected! From a 40"x60" mall poster to huge 10'x20' outdoor billboards or giant trade-show graphics, creating that "big time" impact takes very specific disciplines. And Intellectual Design has a way with Huge Graphic and Major Words!

In developing these powerful communications, a whole range of visual dynamics has to be condensed into a very powerful graphic form. That's the challenge. The few words. The precisely selected graphic images. The refined typography.

The must all be graphically distinct, instantly readable, and totally memorable. In editing away spurious details, posters and billboards test a creative team's communication skills to the limit.

For optimum impact, Intellectual Design will even make site evaluations to assess the actual environments where consumer impressions must be made. If it's a local campaign with limited postings, line-of-sight visibility is critical. So we may even "cherry pick" each site... one-by-one.

For really graphic impactin branding, attention-getting retail identity, and massively dominant product projections, Intellectual Design can put you w-a-y up there!